Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is AmbassadHer?
AmbassadHer is a community of over 500,000 women (and some men) who get rewarded to complete “influencer-style” activities. What makes us so unique is that most of our community is made up of real, authentic women who are not necessarily looking to us or our brand partners to pay their rent or have agents. AmbassadHer’s goal is to democratize the influencer marketing world by essentially turning Instagram and social media upside down. We believe real, authentic people are the true influencers.

What do you mean by “democratizing” influencer marketing?
Other platforms like to categorize you based on your follower count, whether you are a “nano-influencer”, “micro-influencer” or “macro-influencer” so they can figure out how much to charge businesses. However, we don’t believe your worth is dictated by your follower count or appearance but rather that you are authentic and have your own unique point of view. The proof in this is that at AmbassadHer EVERYONE MAKES THE SAME AMOUNT regardless of your follower count. You are either a fit for the brand based on what they’re looking for or not. You will not be paid more just because you have more followers on Instagram. We totally understand if this doesn’t work for you, but in that case, this community is probably not for you.

Why do you charge?
We understand this is different but there are several reasons for charging this small monthly fee. The first is that we do not take any portion of your reward value as most influencer platforms do. Many take between 10-25% of what you make before you ever get a dime or they make you earn a certain amount before they process payment. The second reason is that we feel this small membership fee weeds out those people who are trying to “game” the system and maybe grab some free stuff or do not have the best intentions. We also offer a money back guarantee each month so there is really no reason NOT to join :). The last reason is that this allows us to keep our prices down to our brand partners which allows us to send you more opportunities which means you get to promote more cool stuff!
* If you are active Military, a Veteran or the spouse of one, you will not be charged for a membership.
To obtain the military discount you must FIRST create your membership and then email us at

What is the money back guarantee? If you do not get enrolled into an opportunity in any month, just email us and we will process a refund once we can verify that you were not accepted into any opportunities. Please note, the refund is not automatic (yet) and we can only go back two (2) months total so please email us.

Do I have to be a paying member to get opportunities?
Nope! We always have a handful of opportunities that only require that you are an email subscriber so that people can check out AmbassadHer. However, members will get first notification and consideration for opportunities and if the spots are filled with members you will not receive the offer. Also, don’t forget that money back guarantee we mentioned above :)

What are the perks of being an All-Access Member?
We will be rolling out tons of perks down the road, but here are the current perks of becoming an All-Access Member:
  • First look - Members receive first notification of new opportunities via email, sms and our private members-only Facebook group. Most opportunities fill up during the first look period.
  • Earn more per opportunity - Every opportunity has some type of cash consideration and members earn about 20% more for their submission bonuses.
  • Referral program - Members can earn $$$$ for referring friends and followers to opportunities if they complete them.
  • Price matching your rate - Are you making more on other platforms? Members can send us proof of being paid a higher rate for the same type of opportunities we offer and we will review your profile and let you know if we can honor the higher rate or not. Proof of rate must be supplied. AmbassadHer will NOT consider requests without this proof or from non-members. If you email us and are not a member, we will not reply to the request.

How long does it take for a post to be verified and to process the cash portion of my reward? The time it takes can vary on a few things like the amount of actions you have been asked to complete and then the total amount of posts or actions the brand is looking for. If you have an opportunity that is marked “Complete” in your dashboard but did not receive payment, the first step is to make sure your PayPal email is saved in your profile. If it is correct, then please email support and we will investigate the issue.

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