Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

AmbassadHer is a community of over 650,000 real, authentic women (and some men) who get rewarded to complete various activities. We are not a traditional "influencer" site where each person earns different amounts based on things like follower count. Everyone in our network is offered the same rewards based on the activity they complete. AmbassadHer’s goal is to become a place where real, authentic people can earn extra cash but also save money on things you would normally have to pay for each month. We average more than 200 opportunities at any given time and the average reward value is over $60, so there are plenty of chances to earn cash and receive free things you need or want everyday!

Our members get rewarded to do things like provide honest feedback on products, create content for brands to use, post on social media and coming soon we will have a new Music section where our members get rewarded to listen and rate songs on Spotify, go to shows or post online about upcoming albums and tours.

The time it takes can vary on a few things like the amount of actions you have been asked to complete and then the total amount of posts or actions the brand is looking for. If you have an opportunity that is marked “Complete” in your dashboard but did not receive payment, the first step is to make sure your PayPal email is saved in your profile. If it is correct, then please email support and we will investigate the issue.
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