We Create Movements, Not Campaigns

  • Agency-level service & expertise at platform pricing
  • Scale up to thousands of influencers per month
  • Unparalleled value and ROI via our proprietary Synergy System

Why Partner With Our Community?

Our Seamless & Scalable Process

Massive Exposure

Let us deliver your message to over 500,000 women who will check out your brand as part of our opt-in only application process

Branding at Scale

Our campaigns deliver authentic, coordinated posts by hundreds or thousands of real people

Content Ownership

At the end of each campaign, the content created from your campaign posts are yours to use as you wish

Useable Data & Feedback

We deliver easy-to-understand data throughout your campaign, from stats to honest feedback from our community

Hand Delivered Reporting

Ok, it's not exactly "Hand Delivered" 🙂 but we'll send a wrap report with all of your relevant data plus insights and recommendations based on our experience

AmbassadHer By the Numbers

  • 500k+

    Millennial & Gen Z subscribers

  • 2.1bil+

    Total Friends & Followers

  • 8.5%+

    Avg Engagement Per Post

What We Do

No matter what you are looking to accomplish, our network has hundreds or thousands of real women who can execute your plan

Product Exchange + Post

Want to get your products directly into the hands of real women?
Send your products directly to members who qualify based on your filters to create posts online

On Site Purchase + Post

Don't want to worry about shipping?
Send our members into physical locations to purchase your product and create posts online

Online Purchase + Post

No physical location to send consumer to?
Send our members to an online store of your choosing to purchase and create posts online

Honest Feedback/Reviews

Looking for honest feedback posted online about your product or brand?
Let our members help guide future initiatives or products with their authentic consumer feedback

How We Do It

AmbassadHer’s proprietary Synergy System uses billions of data points to constantly improve results for our clients.

Synergy combines image recognition, machine learning, member feedback and dozens of other data points to constantly improve our clients’ ROI by identifying the right influencers for your brand. We also do all the work for you once your campaign is underway so you can focus on other initiatives of your marketing and branding. Being entrepreneurs and marketers ourselves, we know the challenges you are faced with and are obsessed with improving the process and results for every client that we partner with at AmbassadHer.

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Still not convinced?

Read what these satisfied clients have to say

David Simnick
CEO @ Soapbox Soaps

"I am beyond impressed with working with AmbassadHer. They were able to turn around a campaign in 5 days that put influencers in Target stores across the country. They over-delivered in terms of the amount of influencers and the amount of engagement. Our whole team was truly impressed with what their organization did and we look forward to continuing to work with them."

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Still not convinced?

Read what these satisfied clients have to say

Moody Nashawaty
Chief Strategy Officer @ MuteSix

"AmbassadHer has thus far exceeded our expectations with their professionalism, quality of work and expedited service. They deliver the precise target audience and quality UGC we need for our clients, and achieve great brand exposure and audience engagement online. We value them as a partner and look forward to continue working with them".

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Still not convinced?

Read what these satisfied clients have to say

Erik Apple
Trend Spear Media

AmbassadHer is our new 'go-to' platform here at Trend Spear Media. We highly recommend this program for all of our clients. This is a grand slam when it comes to marketing. You get sales, brand awareness, great content, new loyal customers, and new followers on social media, all in one campaign!"

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