AmbassadHer is a network of over 650,000 women (we have a few men too) who get rewarded for being themselves.
Our members get rewarded for posting on social media about products they love as well as performing other tasks like reviewing and providing feedback for brands. Work with new, upcoming-and-coming brands as well as established brands such as Airbnb and Febreze.
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How does AmbassadHer work?
AmbassadHer introduces its members to brands they love and provides the opportunity for them to earn rewards by completing influencer-style tasks. We believe real women (and not celebs) have the true influence online and work to find the most authentic women to represent their brand partners. Follower counts and other traditional metrics are not as important in our community as being your true self. Get started by creating a free profile and then gain priority consideration for our opportunities and total access to the site by becoming a member.
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Read what our members are saying about AmbassadHer
  • I've been a member since October 2018 and I have NEVER looked back since. I've gotten the most collabs from AmbassadHer! So thankful for them!

    Cheyenne M.
  • I first signed up for AmbassadHer in November 2018 as a brand new influencer with a smallish following trying to figure everything out. 6 months later, I have done 60+ campaigns through AmbassadHer and I couldn't be more pleased! The website is so organized and it's very easy to contact them whenever I have a question or an issue. The campaigns are well-outlined but I can still incorporate my personality with every post while sharing my love for all these fantastic products. I love AmbassadHer!

    Laria H.
  • I joined AmbassadHer in April 2019 and made $289 in my first month! While earning extra money was awesome, being connected to brands that I truly love and use daily has been an awesome factor. The brands and products truly fit my lifestyle and family. I love sharing what works for me with my audience.

    Erin S.
  • I have been working with AmbassadHer for over a year. The reasons? Consistently being provided with paying jobs and with great products to represent. They are also very prompt and reliable with payments. I love AmbassadHer!

    Natasha C.

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